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CPU MIPS 32bit Clocked at 96MHz
FLASH 8MB Flash Program ROM
SDRAM 16MB of working SDRAM
SRAM(Option) 2MB SRAM with battery backup
LCD Graphics LCD Display 128x64 Dots
B/W LED backlight
LAN(Option) TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP, ARP, Ethernet,
MODEM Applicable for EFT POS Terminal OF ISO8583 Tone/Pulse Dialing
Async & sync Mode up to 56 Kbps
Multi mode
CCITT V.90/V.34/V.32bis/V.32V
Bell 103/212a
V.42/MNP 4/MNP 2
MSR ISO7811 1&2 , 2/3 or
Triple-track (Option) bi-directional
PRINTER 2 Inch Thermal Line Printing
Diameter : 30mm
Number of Dots : 384 Dots
Resolution : 8 Dots/mm
Printing Speed : Max 90mm/s
IC CARD EMV Level 1/2
Smart card with 2SAM socket
KEY PADS 15 EMV standard keyboard
21 Keys
RS-232 / USB Up to 460,800bps Serial Port / USB
POWER SUPPLY SMPS Free Voltage AC Adapter
Output : DC8V/3A
ENVIRONMENTAL Operating Temperature : 0 ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity : 5 ~ 90%
DIMENSIONS 200mm(L) X 95mm(W) X 83mm(H)