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CPU Hitachi CPU 32/16 bits, Clocked at 16Mhz
UART, Power Controller, Watch Dog Timer
Flash ROM 8M Bits Program Down Loadable Flash ROM
Upgradeable to 24M bits Max
Working RAM SRAM 4M bits
Upgradeable to 16M bits Max
RTC/Serial Real time Clock. (Battery Operated)
2Serial Ports which can be used for various purposes
LCD Graphics LCD Display 128 X 64 Dots
LED Back Light
Various sound Seletions
BATTERY Lithium Battery
For RTC Working
Expected over 10 Years Life
MODEM Applicable for EFT POS Terminal of ISO8583
Tone/Pulse Dialing, Async & Sync (Option) Mode
Multi Mode CCITT V.22bis/V.22/V.21/V.23
Simultaneously Applicable to Bell Mode 212A
DPSK (600, 1200bps) QAM(2400bps)
RS-232 Up to 38400 Bps
Communicate PINPAD, LAN, MODEM
MSR ISO 7811 Track 1&2 (2&3 is Optional)
PRINTER Printing Method : Serial Dot impact
Printing Dirction : Bi-Ditrctional
Printing Speed : 40 Col=3.0mm 1/6"
Printing Front : 8 X 9 Dot 75mm/s
No. of Columns : Character=4.23mm, 1/6"
Line Spacing : Character=4.23mm, 1/6"
Paper Feed Speed : 40 Colum=2.8 LPS
Paper Feed Method : Sprocket
Paper :3 Inches Sprocket Paper
Paper End Detection : Equipped
A/D Converter Internal 8 Channel A/D
POWER SUPPLY 85 to 265 Volts AC 50/60HZ
SMPS Free Voltage
IC CARD EMV Approver
GemCore Based SMART CARD(Option)